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Highzway have two models led mirrors cabinets,Hans model is the hottest style,coz it have 2 selling points:First it can support both recessed mounting and surface mounting,it is easy for clients’ wall mounting choice.Then its electronic components are on mirror doors,in this way,you can obtain more function options such as touch switch on/off light,warm light,natural light and cold light adjustment,dimmer etc.If you need economical price can choose those simple functions.If you like luxurious design,you can consider to add multi-functions with a display screen to show you digital clock,bluetooth,temperature and date etc.the bluetooth speaker can play music with good sound quality.

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led touch vanity mirror

Model: Hans

Frosted area style: LED strips on both sides middle position or around the mirror

Mirror doors: 1 door, 2 doors, and 3 doors are available. CRI> 90, double-face mirror doors.

Function options: Touchless activation on/off lights, buttons for dimmer, defogger, CCT 3000K 4000K 6000K changeable lights, also can add Bluetooth, digital clock, temperature, and date etc.

LED light strips: 2835 series 120beads/meter; UL,cUL,CE listed

LED Driver: UL/CE/cUL listed power 110V or 220V

Waterproof: IP44 rated for whole mirror cabinet

Frame: Gold or Silver color anodized Aluminum body+Melamine backing board

Tempered glass: 3 shelves inside make 4 tiers, it is adjustable shelves, if height is enough can add more shelves.

Parts: Hardware bag for hanging system included

Heating pad: Yes

Soft close hinge: Yes


Led Touch Vanity Mirrors by Highzway


Highzway is a well-known name in the LED touch vanity mirror industry. Since the establishment of the company, it has been providing high-quality LED mirror cabinet for bathrooms. In our collection, we have Frosted LED mirrors, LED mirror cabinets, Full-length mirror & framed mirrors, Backlit LED mirrors, And Decorative mirrors

These LED touch vanity mirrors are Waterproof and have an IP44 rating. It has Adjustable brightness levels for different lighting uses and comes with Multiple color temperature settings to suit different environments and times of the day. They are available in different sizes and functions to ensure variety. These mirrors are appropriate for makeup uses and other regular-purpose uses.

Hans cabinet

LED mirror cabinet: Hans model, It is very hot in the American market.

Led strips on both sides, a center frosted area on the mirror door, and the sandblasting area can be around the mirror doors also. available for 1 door, 2 doors, and 3 doors with double-faced mirrors, aluminum alloy frame can be gold or silver colors.

Special function buttons: The touch switch, the dimmer, and the defogger. At the bottom usually have a hand sensor on/off the light i.e. touchless activation of the power.

The LED mirror cabinet for bathroom comes with Quick and accurate hand sensor on/off light or Touch switch for adjusting brightness or color temperature, They are made of aluminum alloy the best quality material to ensure durability. It comes with a Sleek and modern design to complement various decor styles and the anti-fog feature Prevents the mirror from steaming up, especially in bathrooms.

led mirror cabinet for bathroom

The LED lights used in our led touch vanity mirror, are energy-efficient to reduce power consumption. Talking about quality, our products come with a gold or silver anodized aluminum body back frame. The LED lights have a 50000-hour LED lifespan ensuring long-time support. Highzway LED mirror cabinet for bathrooms has many additional features. They support Bluetooth and show digital clocks, temperature, date, etc. These products are easy to install and maintain. In the long run, they require no specialized maintenance.

All of our products have to go through strict quality control. We have high quality control standards and all products have to pass the quality check. These LED mirror cabinets for bathrooms are certified by different quality control organizations. In addition to the LED touch vanity mirrors in the product catalog, we have customization options to meet different client specifications. All of our products are designed by highly experienced professionals. They have years of experience in this field and they can meet any specific expectations.

Hans cabinet

You can also choose three kinds of light: warm light, natural light, or cold light.

This LED mirror cabinet also has a digital clock, a Bluetooth speaker, and temperature functions as well. Inner top we can add USB ports and outlets for shavers, electric toothbrushes, or cellphone charging. the mirror door back can add a 3X or 5X magnifier for shaving or wearing lipstick eyebrow maintenance etc.

The functions, sizes, inner tempered glass shelf layers, and LED frosted area styles are customized.

wall mounting can be both surface mount and recessed mount.

The advantages of our products are durable and functional. All of our products are specially designed for 4-star and 5-star hotels and brand stores all around the globe. We use eco-friendly materials in the making of our products to ensure a sustainable world for future generations.

To learn more about our LED touch vanity mirrors or to order our LED mirror cabinet for the bathroom, please contact us.




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