Smart TV android touch screen mirror

TV mirror is more like an iPad or cellphone rather than a mirror.You can listen to music,play games,watch TV,save files,run softwares,search information on google by it,also can upload and download apps etc.if add some apps and a weight scale,you can check weight and health index by bluetooth connection also.

The TV mirror is android system,led strips can be around mirror or both side on mirror center,also can choose NON-led strips style,only TV screen on it,then touch switch on/off  TV.Highzway chooses big brand BOE screen or Innolux screen which brightness>400cd/m² ensure that you can get a long working life and high clear imaging.The RAM,ROM,CPU,power configuration are stable and compatible with android system well,can run smooth no stucking.You can buy what you pay for.

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  1. TV screen key
  2. Cable:1M USB power-lead and UK Mains plug adaptor.
  3. Full Android:You can run any android applications available in the store on the mirror. (eg. Youtube, Spotify)
  4. Operating system: Android 8.0
  5. CPU: rockchip 3288 quad core cortex-a17, up to 1.8GHz
  6. GPU: performance mali-t764 GPU
  7. ROM memory: 2GB DDR3
  8. RAM storage: 16GB emmc5.1
  9. Display: 13.3 inches
  10. Resolution:1920*1080

TV mirror


  • Watch TV content (Youtube, Iplayer)
  • Time & Date
  •  Local Weather (5 day forecast)
  • Google Calendar
  • Webpage Display (Choose your own content)
  • News
  • Apple Air-Play & Google-Cast – Cast your phone to the mirror
  • Digital or Analog Clock Faces
  • English & other Language option

It is the innovative TV smart mirror with led lights,android system, we choose brand screen HD clear imaging 350-400cd/m2more working life.The led lights are very bright ,the mirror surface is very smooth, it feels comfortable and is touch sensitive.The TV screen size and led strips can be customized.

TV mirror

Functions: touch switch on/off light, TV switch on/off TV screen,adjustable warm light, natural light and cold light, android system,weather forecast, you can watch movies and TV as well as playing games.

You can check the time and the date using the display,

You can Watch the news and there is also a Bluetooth speaker .

This  TV mirror also have a body fat scales.


TV mirror

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