Bathroom LED mirror for 5star hotels Hoper model

A lot of 4-5star hotels like our this Hoper model style bathroom led mirrors,on one hand,It is full UL,cUL,CE certificates  bathroom led mirrors for hotel high standards.our factory Highzway had paid UL,cUL and CE bureau annual revenue like an insurance for those hotels.If there are any quality problem made by emergency clients can get full compensation from local bureau.

On another hand,it is separate structure and all of electronic components inside of full enclosed iron box.Coz it is easy to install,maintain and change inner parts,usually can last 5-7years in dry environment.

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Model: Hoper

Use for:4-5 Star Hotel

Frosted area style:

Led strips are on both sides of the mirror-frosted area at the center.

Size:Hot sizes:24*36/36*36/48*36/60*36inch,other sizes can be customized

Wall hanging: Portrait or landscape

Led strips:

2835 LED strips 120 beads/M,over 100 lumens/W,12/24V

With PVC transparent pipe cover, easy plug connection,50000 hour LED lifespan

UL/CE certificated, more waterproof, the chips are 10 mm width 3ounces thickness, better cooling effect and longer working life.


5mm thickness copper-free silver mirror glass, the 3rd generation resin, CRI>90

Driver and Defogger: Big brand with UL, CE, cUL listed

Function options: hot functions: Touch switch, dimmer, defogger, CCT 3000K 4000K 6000K adjustable.More functions: Bluetooth, digital clock, temperature, date display screen, etc.


Back Structure:

Separate structures, all of the electronic components are inside of Full-enclosed iron box

This is the Hoper model, It is one of the hottest choices for hotels. Led strips is on both sides of the mirror, frosted area is at the center. 3 color lights: CCT 3000K 4000K 6000K are warm light, natural light, and cold light. A heating pad in it can get an anti-fog function. It can be hardwired or with a plug, can control by function buttons, and more function options: touch switch, defogger, dimmer, CCT 3lights adjustable, and also can add a digital clock, temperature, date, Bluetooth etc.

Rectangle or square shape, size, portrait, or landscape hanging are available.

It is of superior quality, the whole set bathroom LED mirrors with full UL, cUL, CE listed, 4-5-star hotels standard.


LED Bathroom Wall Mirrors By Highzway

Highzway is a well-known name in the LED bathroom wall mirror industry. Since the establishment of the company, it has been providing high-quality mirrors to the US, UK, CA, and EU markets. In our collection, we have different types of mirrors including Frosted LED mirrors, LED mirror cabinets, Full-length mirrors & framed mirrors, Backlit LED mirrors, and Decorative mirrors.

Talking about our hotel LED mirrors, are available in different sizes and designs including 24*36/36*36/48*36/60*36inch and the sizes can be customized according to requirements. We use high-quality LED lights in our mirrors. These LED lights provide bright, even illumination without creating harsh shadows or glare. The color temperature mimics natural daylight for accurate reflection of skin tone and makeup application. Our LED strips with PVC transparent pipe, are more waterproof,50000 hours LED lifespan.


Material Choice:

We choose brighter, more waterproof and more stable power LED strips.

The mirror thickness is 5 millimeters, made from non-copper eco-friendly material. These bathroom LED mirrors have a long working life.

We use big brands of stable power drivers and defogger pads with UL, cUL, CE listed.

These led bathroom wall mirrors are designed by our highly professional R&D team who have years of experience in this field. Most of these High-quality LED mirrors feature a slim profile and sleek design to complement modern bathroom aesthetics while maximizing functionality.

These LED bathroom wall mirrors are High-quality and energy-efficient. They consume minimal power while providing sufficient brightness. The mirrors are constructed from durable materials such as the 3rd generation eco-friendly copper-free glass and corrosion-resistant for longevity. The frame is sturdy and well-constructed to withstand moisture and humidity typical in bathroom environments.



The LED mirror can be separated, the front part is the mirror, the back part is a full enclosed iron box, all of the electronic components are inside the box. it’s easy to fix, take down, maintain, and change inner parts. We use a more waterproof,anti-dust, durable design, usually, it lasts 5 to 7 years. It is much better than all-in-one mirrors which can’t be repaired.

The edges are coated with anti-fingerprint oil. The frosted area is very smooth.

The hotel LED mirrors have anti-fog effects during use. This prevents the mirror from fogging after hot showers. ensures high visibility at all times, even in humid bathrooms.

Aside from great lighting, these hotel LED mirror lights are adjustable according to the ambiance. Adjustable lighting settings allow users to adjust the brightness according to their needs and preferences. These LED mirrors offer versatility for various tasks such as applying makeup or shaving.


One of the best things about our company is our customization service. Aside from our cataloged products, we also offer customized LED bathroom wall mirrors.

Talking about the quality of our hotel LED mirror, we keep on a high-quality standard. All of the products have to go through the quality test before sending out.
To learn more about our LED bathroom wall mirrors or to bespoke our hotel LED mirrors, please feel free to ask us.

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