Bathroom light mirror for hospitality standard Melor model

This classic series bathroom led mirror is the top sales to American hotels,it is very popular,We not only have full UL,cUL,CE listed pass through those hotels’ high standards but also an attractive selling points is that’s a separate structure.Highzway paid the full UL,cUL,CE listed bureau annual revenue every year to ensure the light mirrors’ prime quality and long working life,it is like an insurance,no risk for clients.Once there are quality problem made by emergency,hotels can get full compensation from those bureau directly.Regard the separate structure, all of electronic components such as led strips,driver and heating pad are inside of full enclosed iron box.This structure design give rise to easy to install,maintain and repair can last 5-7years in dry environment.

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rectangular LED bathroom mirrorModel: Melor

Use for: 4-5 Star Hotel

Frosted area style: Led strips are around the mirror-frosted area at the center.

Hot sizes: 24*36/36*36/48*36/60*36inch,other sizes can be customized

Wall hanging: portrait or landscape

Led strips: 2835 LED strips 120 beads/M, over 100 lumens/W,12/24V. With PVC transparent pipe cover, easy plug connection,50000 hour LED lifespan.

UL/CE certificated, more waterproof, the chips are 10 mm width 3ounces thickness, better cooling effect and longer working life.

Mirrors: 5mm thickness copper-free silver mirror glass, the 3rd generation resin, CRI>90

Driver and Defogger: big brand with UL, CE, cUL listed

Function options: hot functions: Touch switch, dimmer, defogger, CCT 3000K 4000K 6000K adjustable.More functions: Bluetooth, digital clock, temperature, date display screen, etc.

Back Structure: In separate structures, all of the electronic components are inside of Full-enclosed iron box

This is the Melor model, It is one of the hottest choices to hotels. Led strips are around the mirror, frosted area is at the center. 3 color lights: CCT 3000K 4000K 6000K are warm light, natural light, and cold light. A heating pad in it can get an anti-fog function. It can be hardwired or with a plug, can be controlled by function buttons, and more function options: touch switch, defogger, dimmer, CCT 3lights adjustable, also add a digital clock, temperature, date, Bluetooth, etc.

Rectangle or square shapes, size, portrait, or landscape hanging are available.

It is of superior quality, the whole set bathroom LED mirrors with full UL, cUL, CE listed, 4-5-star hotels standard.

Material Choice: We choose brighter, more waterproof, and more stable power LED strips.

The mirror thickness is 5 millimeters, made from non-copper eco-friendly material. These bathroom LED mirrors have a long working life.

We use big brands of stable power drivers and defogger pads with UL, cUL, and CE listed.


LED Anti-Fog Bathroom Mirror for the Hospitality Industry

In today’s competitive hospitality industry, creating a luxurious and functional guest experience is paramount. Our Melor LED anti fog bathroom mirror embodies this philosophy, offering a sleek and practical solution for modern bathrooms.

bathroom led mirror

Introducing the Melor: A Superior Rectangular LED Bathroom Mirror
Our Melor model is a premium rectangular LED bathroom mirror designed specifically for the hospitality sector. Here are some of the reasons why this LED anti fog bathroom mirror stands out from the rest:

Enhanced Functionality: This rectangular LED anti fog bathroom mirror features integrated LED backlighting, providing brighter illumination for flawless dress and makeup application. No more struggling with dimly lit bathrooms!
Effortless Fog Elimination: The Melor incorporates an innovative anti-fogging technology that prevents condensation buildup on the mirror’s surface. This ensures a clear reflection even after a hot shower, maximizing guest convenience.
Modern, Rectangular Design: The Melor’s sleek rectangular shape complements a wide range of bathroom aesthetics. Its clean lines and minimalist design exude a contemporary feel, perfect for upscale hotel settings.
Durable Structure: Manufactured with high-quality materials,This ensures a long-lasting and reliable product for your hotel. The front mirror can be easily separated, and it comes with anti-fog and anti-dust properties.
3 Color Adjustment Options: This rectangular LED bathroom mirror comes with 3 different color adjustment options. You can choose among warm, natural, and cold light to create an ambiance and lighting as per the individual’s preferences or surroundings.

Structure: The LED mirror can be separated, the front part is the mirror, the back part is a fully enclosed iron box, and all of the electronic components are inside the box. it’s easy to fix, take down, maintain, and change inner parts. We use a more waterproof,anti-dust, durable design, usually, it lasts 5 to 7 years. It is much better than all-in-one mirrors which can’t be repaired.

The edges are coated with anti-fingerprint oil. The frosted area is very smooth.

LED Anti-Fog Bathroom Mirror for Hospitality Industry

bathroom led mirror

Why Choose Us for Your Bulk Rectangular LED Bathroom Mirror Needs?

LED Anti Fog Bathroom Mirror

At Highzway, we are one of the leading manufacturers of rectangular LED bathroom mirror products, Provide diverse choices for high-end hotels:

Bulk Manufacturing Expertise: Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to handle large-scale orders efficiently, ensuring timely delivery to meet your project deadlines.
Unbeatable Quality: We prioritize exceptional quality in every aspect of production. The Melor pass through rigorous testing to guarantee optimal performance and durability giving it a lifespan of about 5-7 years.
Customization Options: We understand the value of personalization when it comes to the hospitality industry. Discuss your specific project requirements with our team, and we can explore LED anti fog bathroom mirror options as per your specific needs.
Competitive Bulk Order Pricing: We offer competitive pricing for bulk orders, making the LED anti fog bathroom mirror a cost-effective solution for enhancing your guestroom’s and hotel’s bathrooms.

The Melor rectangular LED anti-fog bathroom mirror is more than just a reflection; it’s an investment in guest comfort and hotel ambiance. Contact us today to discuss your bulk orders, queries, and pricing.

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