LED mirror bathroom durable prime quality Sophia model

This Sophia model bathroom led mirror is one of the best sales to American hotels,Especially Marriott hotels like it best.it is amazing design, not only do we have full UL,cUL,CE listed to meet 5 diamond hotels high standards but a practical separate structure design as well.Hotels can get full compensation from local bureau directly by UL,cUL or CE listed.About the separate structure, all of electronic components such as led strips,driver and heating pad are inside of full enclosed iron box.It’s easy to install,maintain and repair can last 5-7years in dry environment.

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LED touch sensor mirror

Model: Sophia

Use for: 4-5 Star Hotel

Frosted area style: Led strips are on both sides of the mirror frosted area on the edge.

Size: Hot sizes:24*36/36*36/48*36/60*36inch,other sizes can be customized

Wall hanging: portrait or landscape

Led strips: 2835 LED strips 120 beads/M,over 100 lumens/W,12/24V

With PVC transparent pipe cover, easy plug connection,50000 hour LED lifespan

UL/CE certificated, more waterproof, the chips are 10 mm width 3ounces thickness, better cooling effect and longer working life.

LED touch sensor mirror

Mirrors: 5mm thickness copper-free silver mirror glass, the 3rd generation resin, CRI>90

Driver and Defogger: big brand with UL, CE, cUL listed

Function options: hot functions: Touch switch, dimmer, defogger, CCT 3000K 4000K 6000K adjustable.More functions: Bluetooth, digital clock, temperature, date display screen, etc.

Back Structure: In separate structures, all of the electronic components are inside of Full-enclosed aluminum alloy box

led bathroom mirror

This is the Sophia model, It is one of the hottest choices for hotels. led strips are on both sides of the mirror, frosted area is on the edge. 3 color lights: CCT 3000K 4000K 6000K are warm light, natural light, and cold light. A heating pad in it can get an anti-fog function. It can be hardwired or with a plug, can be controlled by function buttons, and more function options: touch switch, defogger, dimmer, CCT 3lights adjustable, also can add a digital clock, temperature, date, Bluetooth, etc. Rectangle or square shape, size, portrait, or landscape hanging are available. It is of superior quality, the whole set bathroom LED mirrors with full UL, cUL, CE listed, 4-5-star hotels standard.

Material Choice: We choose brighter, more waterproof, and more stable power LED strips.

The mirror thickness is 5 millimeters, made from non-copper eco-friendly material. These bathroom LED mirrors have a long working life.

We use big brands of stable power drivers and defogger pads with UL, cUL, and CE listed.


Our Sophia LED Touch Sensor Mirror


Transform your hotel bathrooms with the sophisticated functionality and durable design of the Sophia Model LED touch sensor mirror. This premium mirror features a beautiful LED square mirror frame that illuminates with adjustable brightness, creating a stylish and welcoming ambiance for guests.



The LED mirror can be separated, the front part is the mirror, the back part is a fully enclosed aluminum box, and all of the electronic components are inside the box. it’s easy to fix, take down, maintain, and change inner parts. We use a more waterproof,anti-dust, durable design, usually, it lasts 5 to 7 years. It is much better than all-in-one mirrors which can’t be repaired.

The edges are coated with anti-fingerprint oil. The frosted area is very smooth.

Key Features

Touch Sensor Switch: Say goodbye to traditional switches and embrace intuitive functionality with our touch sensor switch, allowing users to adjust the mirror with a simple touch easily.

Adjustable Brightness: Enjoy customizable lighting to suit any ambiance with our dimmer adjustable option. By pressing and holding for a long time, users can adjust the brightness from dim light to bright light, make sure you have different modes to get the best lighting.

Customized Function Options: Tailor your mirror to meet specific requirements with a range of customizable function options, including a built-in speaker, defogger system for clear visibility, and additional features such as date/clock/temperature display, 3x magnifier, music play control, and adjustable CCT.

Premium Quality Construction: Constructed with prime-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail. Our LED touch sensor mirror is waterproof and has a long service life, making it a reliable product for high-end hotel bathroom environments.

led bathroom mirror

Why Choose Our LED Touch Sensor Mirror?


Exceptional Convenience: Simplify daily routines and enhance user experience with intuitive touch controls and customizable features, allowing guests to personalize different styles of bathrooms to suit their preferences.

Modern Aesthetics: Elevate the visual appeal of your hotel bathrooms with the sleek and contemporary design of our LED square mirror, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to any space.

Enhanced Functionality: From adjustable brightness settings to advanced features like temperature display and music control, our LED touch sensor mirror offers diverse functionality to meet the diverse needs of hotel guests.

Mass Customization: As specialists in B-end sales and mass customization, we understand the unique requirements of hotel establishments and offer tailored solutions to accommodate bulk orders of LED square mirrors and specific preferences.


Transform Your Space with our LED Square Mirror


Our Sophia Model LED touch sensor mirror is a perfect choice for hotels seeking to elevate their guest experience. This luxurious and functional mirror provides more convenience, and comfort for you and leaves a lasting positive impression.

You can experience the perfect blend of style, functionality, and innovation with our LED square mirror. Please feel free to explore our website to explore the entire collection of our different mirror options. You can also contact us anytime in case of any queries regarding our products, bulk orders, customization, and pricing.

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